NAPLAN Information for Year 5

8 May 2017, 12:23 pm
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Dear Parents

The Australian Victorian National Assessment Program - Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN Tests) will be taking place in school for some pupils in Year 3 and 5, at the beginning of June.

What is assessed in NAPLAN Testing?  The literacy assessment tasks measure each student’s achievement in reading, writing and language conventions.  The numeracy assessment tasks measure student achievement in number, algebra, patterns, measurement, chance and data, and space.

What is the purpose of NAPLAN Testing?  NAPLAN results add value to teachers’ assessment and reporting by showing how their students’ achievement compares to a wider group of students.  In short, how the Multinational School in Riyadh performs against other schools and educational establishments who implement the Australian Victorian Curriculum.

Do all pupils sit for the NAPLAN Test?  No.  There is a criteria students have to meet for sitting the NAPLAN tests and as a school we have identified the students who are eligible to sit this year’s test.

In readiness for the tests we are asking all students, (although not all students will sit the test) to participate in practice tests in school and we would ask that you encourage your child to participate in some practice papers of NAPLAN Tests online. This will build their confidence and prepare them for the actual tests.  

The links for the websites are as follows:  › NAPLAN                          

I shall also be emailing to all the parent of Year 5 students a PDF file, which is a printable NAPLAN Preparation Pack for Year 5.  This preparation pack is a simple guide with example questions for you and your son/daughter to complete at home.

Many thanks for your cooperation in this matter.

Romona Chetty

Year 5 Team Leader

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