Upcoming International School Trips


Maldives Dive Trip 2018

Following a highly successful ski trip, the school would like to diversify its adventure sports activity program, and as such, an opportunity for a High School Scuba Diving trip to the Maldives from 23rd February to 3rd March 2018 has presented itself.

The main aim of the trip will be to enable students to obtain a PADI Open Water diving qualification which will enable them to dive anywhere in the world. Diving offers students, a unique and unrivalled experience combining adventure, adrenaline, exercise, exploration, tranquillity and relaxation. Students can experience what it's like to be completely weightless, and can delve into a world that covers 70% of the planet.

Scuba diving also has obvious relevance to many educational studies bringing to life subjects such as physics, geography, history, biology and maths and it can also be counted towards the skills based section of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme that has recently started at the school.

The real joy of diving is that it can be safely enjoyed by students of all physical abilities and

those with dive qualifications already will be able to progress their dive skills to the next level if they so wish. The minimum age for the PADI Open Water qualification is 10 years old. The trip will be supported by Oyster Diving who has experience of organising dive trips for such prestigious schools as Wellington College and Eton.

With a 10% early booking offer (Valid until 5th May 2017), a 7 night stay costs  11,740* SR and includes return flights from Riyadh to Male, internal flights and transfers, all meals, 2 dives per day, taxes, 7 nights accommodation, 5 days scuba diving equipment hire and PADI Open Water Course and Resources, as well as an Oyster Diving Representative and Instructor.

Extra costs: Visas (where necessary), spending money and travel insurance

(Insurance can be purchased through Oyster Diving if required at an extra cost of 720SR)

*Please note this price will increase to 12,914 SR and does not reflect any increases the flight company may levy on the cost of the airline ticket.

Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information


Classical Tour of Italy and Greece

The school would like to offer the opportunity for Year 6, 7 and 8 students to be involved in a tour of Italy and Greece from the 25th October to 4th November 2017.

The main aim of the trip is to visit a range of historical sites in Italy and Greece, promoting the rich history of the region. The trip will include visits to locations including Athens, Delphi, Pompeii and Rome. Students will have the chance to immerse themselves in sites where important historical events took places and ideas that have helped to shape our world were formed.

The trip is available to students of all abilities and interests.  

The cost of the trip will be approximately 11,500 SAR. This includes flights to Rome, overnight ferry to Patras, and return flight to Riyadh from Athens. All accommodation, meals and travel insurance are included. Extra costs will include the Schengen visa (for those nationalities that require it), and spending money.

This price is based off the number of students interested and current flight prices, and as a result, it may increase.

Pelase contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  for more information 

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