High School Options


The Multinational School Riyadh aims to offer its students an educational experience that will equip them with all the lifelong learning skills they would need to become successful citizens in the 21st Century. Entering the High School brings with it many different opportunities and challenges. The courses we offer will help our students prepare for the next level of their education.

For more information on our each of our High School courses, please download our High School Options Booklets. These booklets provide a curriculum overview, recent student results, student expectations and detail the learning outcomes under each subject.

Should you require anything further please contact our High School Principal Peter Heron or Vice Principal, Ann Philip.

Years 7 - 8 (Ages 12 - 13 Years)

Download Years 7-8 Options Booklet.

Years 9 - 10 (Ages 14 - 15 Years)

Download Years 9-10 IGCSE Options Booklet.

Years 11 - 12 (Ages 16 - 17 Years)

Download Years 11-12 A-Level Options Booklet.

Download Years 11-12 Diploma Options Booklet.

Connect with us

Our school prides itself on being connected with our parents and the local community. Please feel free to connect and collaborate with our school on the following social media platforms.